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The Marion Lane Mystery Series

"They were a band of mysterious private detectives who lived beneath the streets of London in a labyrinth of twisted tunnels and ancient hallways, the entrance to which no one had ever found. The Inquirers were something of a myth, a whispered legend that may or may not exist, depending on whom you asked…"


Marion Lane & The Midnight Murder

Book One in the Series

Marion Lane & The Deadly Rose

Book Two in the Series.


Marion Lane

Recruited in January, 1958 for mechanical skills gained through experience in an auto repairs shop. Both parents deceased. No siblings. Next of kin: Dolores Hacksworth (grandmother). Timid yet determined and occasionally stubborn, Marion is a loyal friend and colleague who will go to any lengths to protect Miss Brickett’s and the people she loves.

William Alexander Hobb

Recruited in January, 1958 for clerical and organisational skills gained through experience in the London Library. Parents alive but estranged. No siblings. Registered next of kin: Maria Hobb (mother). Reticent yet quick-witted and logical, Bill has proven himself to be Marion’s steadfast ally and friend. Unlike Marion, however, Bill is occasionally hesitant to trust the organisation of Miss Brickett’s — a notion he later passes onto Marion.

Kenneth (Kenny) Louis Hugo

Recruited in April, 1958 from New York PI company Hilton and Associates. Skills in field work, especially personal tracking. Mother alive. Father deceased. Sister deceased. Registered next of kin: Annabel Hugo (mother). Brash and confident, Kenny joined Miss Brickett’s after several years working as a PI in New York City where he was known for his expertise in tracking suspects. Shortly after his induction as an Inquirer, Kenny was partnered with apprentice Marion Lane, who makes up for his greatest (and perhaps only) weakness — working with and understanding the complex array of agency gadgets.

Frank Stone

Former DI for the Dorset Police. Currently head of the apprenticeship programme and Field Office as well as a trusted member of the High Council. Frank has proven his loyalty and commitment to the agency since his recruitment in 1950. He is loved and respected by most, though he is often intimidated and coerced by other members of the High Council.

Nancy Beatrix Brickett

Founder and director of the agency. Head of the High Council. Former cryptanalyst at Bletchley Park. Stern, unflappable, difficult to read and (according to her employees) cold. With a firm reputation for putting the agency's secrecy and longevity above all else, apprentices and Inquirers are (sensibly) hesitant to push boundaries or break rules under her watch.

Jessica Meel

Recruited in January, 1958 for skills in interpretation and case analysis. Father alive. Mother deceased. No siblings. Registered next of kin: James Meel (father). Warm and gentle with an incomparable intuition, Jessica can read situations and people with perfect accuracy. She is a loyal and trusting friend to many, but especially Marion.

Maud Finkle

Apprentice in Marion's year. Stout, straightforward, gifted at pickpocketing

Preston Dinn

Apprentice in Marion's year. Ghanaian. Previously a stevedore. Relaxed, calm under pressure, quick-footed.

Amanda Shirley

Apprentice in Marion's year. Assistant case manager in Intelligence Department. Considered (by her fellow apprentices) to be temperamental and toffee-nosed with an inflated sense of self-worth.

David Eston

Apprentice in Marion's year. Perhaps the least-liked of the lot and Bill Hobb's arch rival. Rough around the edges and seemingly "skill-less" (Marion's words!)

Professor Henry Gillroth

Oldest agency member, High Council member, Nancy's second-in-command and head of the HR Department

Edgar Swindlehurst

Special Case Officer, member of the High Council and longstanding employee

Professor Uday Bal

Head of the Gadgetry Department and chief engineer

Aida Rakes

Head of the Intelligence Department

Rupert Nicholas

Head of Security, member of the High Council and keeper of Toby (the mechanical spy snake)

Delia Spragg

Agency tailor and High Council member

Barbara Simpkins

Agency librarian and member of the High Council

John Perry

Filing Assistant

Michelle White

Filing Assistant and resident snitch


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